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Author Topic: Several system installations  (Read 8152 times)
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« on: July 23, 2008, 12:19:25 AM »

Can I use a single disk with Windows XP and standard OEM installed software on several systems with different hardware configurations or does each system have to be recorded individually?

I'm just wondering if it will fail like standard imaging programs like ghost or acronis due to the different hardware types, and how does it work round the different licences for several machines?
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« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2008, 03:03:47 PM »

1. The program works like a recording system. A user is to install the application
only once with MultiSet being run in the recording mode. MultiSet will record all
your actions and will generate the automatic installation package after the recording
process is completed.

First of all MultiSet does not depend on hardware. Must coincide 2 factors:

* Version OS.
* Style (XP and higher).

MultiSet saves the resolution when it records the installation.
Then it restores the necessary resolution when you playback the installation.

2. You may use a single disk with Windows XP if this do not disagree license agreement of Microsoft.

3. Imaging programs works good on clear computers, but if your computers have OS and software, the best way is using Almeza MultiSet Professional.

4. Licenses:

Company license

For :
Small & businesses
Education & research institutes
Schools & colleges

The license is distributed for the company's internal needs. You may not use
the program outside the company.

If you have Company license, you may only create packages on one
computer, but run automatic installation on others computers.

Buy now link:

Site License

Companies & Incorporations
Maintenance Companies

Allows the program to be used by an unlimited number of users in one certain
location on an unlimited number of computers physically located in one certain

LOCATION usually means one building, but it can also mean several buildings
geographically located in one place, for example, a factory or a small town.
Site licenses cover a single organization or office for an area of up to one
hundred miles (160 km) in radius.

If you have Site license, you may create packages and run automatic
installation on all computers of your company.

Buy now link:
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