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: Does MultiSet work in the network?
: Marcy Июль 19, 2008, 03:15:44
Does MultiSet work in the network?

: Re: Does MultiSet work in the network?
: Alex Июль 19, 2008, 04:02:19
How to install many programs on many computers not leaving your working.

1. Store the distributives on one computer and record packages on another.
In this case the location of the distributives will be relative to this computer,
e.g. a server (\\myserver\\main\setup\AdobeAcrobat7\acrobat7.exe).

As a result MultiSet will find your distributives from any computer.

2. Create installation packages. You should better test all the created packages.

3. Share the MultiSet program files folder for all the network computers.

4. Run Almeza MultiSet on the proper computer (For example: \\john\\ProgramFiles\\Almeza\\MultiSet\\multiset.exe).

5. Select the applications you want to install.

6. Click 'Install'.

In case you use the remote control program (e.g. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection)
which allows you to work on the remote computer from your working place you may
stay where you are. Just run Almeza MultiSet on the remote computer, select
the applications you want to install and click 'Install'. Then switch to
the next computer and so on.

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